Posted by: Chris­™ | April 25, 2008

Creative Void(?)

I suspect that real, powerful creativity comes in bursts. Sometimes these bursts are forced focus that grows, while at other times it simply materializes from seemingly nowhere.

Unfortunately, I just plain suck at forcing myself to write creativity if I don’t have any subjects in mind. Certainly I could draw from everyday life and transfer those ideas to this blog, but I simply don’t feel all that inspired by what occurs in my current existence.

But I have yet to ever consider casting this ‘blog aside, because to me it represents an open page with which to fill ideas that I might actually take pride in. So to all 7 of you that seem to view this regularly, I suppose what I’m getting at is that there may come a time where I simply do another burst of writing again. Don’t hold your breath perhaps (haha), but it will likely occur inevitably.

What I really need are some good topics to think about.

Thanks for reading.

  • Chris


  1. i need the reltel browser settings

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