Posted by: Chris­™ | February 6, 2008


Sometimes everything seems so unreservedly fatalistic. Much as I believe in the strength of the individual and his/her ability to choose their own path, it often seems that I run across occurrences that are far too karmatic to be real. Synchronicity or fate, when these dealings occur, it throws my whole belief system into disarray. The absurdity of being faced with happenings that occur despite all realistic chance, or that come into being in an almost paradoxical way; these type of events are what really throw me in ponderousness.

Perhaps you have shared an experience to a similar level. Say you one day have met a person you knew from years before but have been out of touch with, all due to a scant coincidence of unbelievable proportion. Or perhaps you were in a relationship where you were dismissed for being overly needy, only to find your rebound relationship was with someone even ‘needier’ than yourself. These are just minor examples, but hopefully you glean the gist of what I wish to convey; that sometimes coincidence is so utterly synchronious, it appears to be some form of message intended for you from something greater than yourself.

But the idea of this is absurd. I think?

Thanks for reading.  


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