Posted by: Chris­™ | January 22, 2008

Experience & Balance

I often allude to a belief in duality; that one cannot experience anything holistically without also knowing its opposite. Love comes from misery, happiness from sadness, or comfort from pain. At great difficulty, we constantly undergo these dichotomous feelings over and over again. The reason being, simply, that we forget ourselves so easily.

I wonder if one might be able to to live within a happy middle-ground. If instead of extremes to either spectrum, one simply remained virtually in between, imbued by knowledge and little bias. Would this be an acceptable way to live? Or, would one likely become more barren spiritually by this lack of passionate experience? Is it necessary to be constantly vulnerable in order to live with a fervor?

Usually asking questions such as these leads me down a logical path and, inevitably, to an admissible answer. However, there really seems to be two ways to live with balance. One of perfect dichotomy and one of perfect center. What would you choose?

Thanks for reading. fd



  1. I shared a favorite quote of mine by Henri Matisse earlier, that’s even more accurate for this post but I’ll spare us all the repetition lol. I personally choose balance, but I basically live life in a torrent of emotions that run each axis. It’s the highs that get me through the lows, and during the lows I don’t really give a damn about anything so I just assume things will get better.

    I do feel, however, that a perfect balance would be a perfect bore. So sayeth Phinja.

  2. P.S. I loved your ‘The Office’ quote. I am a HUGE fan of ‘The Office.’

  3. Haha, excellent. It’s a fantastic show. As well, I quite agree with your opinions. Perfection tends to be rooted in routine and constraints. Still, sometimes during those oh-so-resonant lows, I am tempted to believe it would be better. Thanks for your comments.

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