Posted by: Chris­™ | January 9, 2008


I hate to be pegged.

I suspect there’s few people more frustrating to be around than those who believe they know and understand you inside out. Not only does this type of thinking discredit the depth and multifariousness of your existence, but it also places you in a character block that essentially stagnates you in the eyes of others.

Obviously there is wisdom in recognizing trends and common characteristics in experiences and people. This isn’t quite what I’m debating. What poses a dilemma is when people type-cast others into roles based on people they’ve known before. These people become unable to differentiate the others as unique beings and they attribute their actions based on a certain logic base that, most likely, is not as comprehensive as they believe.

I suppose what we’re really looking for is balance. We should be able to recognize individuals as anomalous to a point and, understanding this, then we can help ourselves to comprehend some of their being through past intercourses and exchanges with others.

As was said by Walt Whitman, “Did I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large and contain volumes.”

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  1. Man! I know what you mean. I get really annoyed when you get connotations placed on you for things like the music you like, or the way you dress.

    Good points.

  2. Ah, yeah I suppose I didn’t really include any specific examples to expound my point, but fortunately you provided some for me! Much appreciated and agreed upon.

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